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Is your physical, financial and emotional well-being threatened by
chronic illness or injury?

Chronic conditions are a bitch, but they're not the end.
Modern medicine has a treatment for just about everything so with a mindset shift and a time management strategy, the chronic disease sufferer can become an iconic ass-kicker within 6 weeks.
It's more than endurance, it's about thriving with a chronic condition. 

Shattered after your diagnosis?

*Here's Will's story

Shattered reflection
Age 49
3 children and 2 grandchildren
Successful Business Consultant
Crohn’s Disease since 2022

Will received the shock Crohn's diagnosis after two years of feeling unwell. His symptoms took a massive toll on his work and social life.
The embarrassment of being "caught short" and sudden debilitating pain forced Will to shy away from public gatherings, so he decided to work from the safety of his home.
Will was in the experimental stage of drug treatment but knew that there is no cure and there is no guarantee that any treatment will provide long-term satisfactory relief.
Will was on an emotional roller coaster.




Will got his life back in just 6 weeks.

With the C2I program Will found...


Now he makes great decisions for the right reasons.


Now he is in control with a positive outlook and resilience


Now he is aware of limitations, opportunities and pathways to achievement.

Will's Resources

C2I Resources
While drugs, diet and lifestyle can improve medical health, transformation happens in our unconscious mind.
It's a team effort that requires a lot of self-searching, honesty and commitment, but done properly it can be a whole lot of fun and produce fantastic results.


No man or woman is an island
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog


Did you know that the most powerful force in the universe is Mindset?
A Mindset doesn't need a lot of information and its components are simple.


As Dumbledor said to Harry Potter, "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

My Story

Charlie cropped into bottom corner



My Mission

My niche

Why work with me?

  • I endure the challenges of chronic conditions (Crohn's Disease and Atrial Fibrillation) on a daily basis. I feel it's my duty to share the strategies that have taken me from a teary-eyed sickie to running my own coaching business.
  • It's hard enough to just survive at times let alone thrive. Lasting transformation from a chronic sufferer to an iconic legend can't happen without a well drilled support crew.
    That's why the C2I program is delivered in online groups so participants can share their experiences and dreams in a supportive and encouraging environment.
  • Our Facebook C2I group is available for forum type discussions outside of formal coaching sessions as well as being a valuable source of links to specialized meetings and relevant helpful information.
  • I understand that chronic conditions place unpredictable time constraints on clients, so I have created a flexible schedule to ensure nothing is missed should sudden illness or treatment interfere with any session(s),
  • Once registered with the C2I program you become a "client for life". This means that if you can't attend a session, you are free to catch up next time around.
    And, of course, you have continued access to all resources related to your selected program.
  • Another advantage of online participation is that you can attend from anywhere there is internet connection available. This enables attendance whether at work, during breaks or while recuperating from treatment.
  • I schedule sessions to run for 60 minutes to accommodate busy professionals and to minimise stress. From my experience as a teacher using Zoom, the maximum productive concentration span (for students and teachers) is 60 to 90 minutes.
I developed the
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Chronic to Iconic
improve quality of life
and empower participants to
achieve their full potential.
Every session we will master another cool NLP strategy...
Wanna sneak peek?
The other afternoon I was happily clunking away on my laptop when, totally unexpectedly, my heart slipped out of rhythm into particularly severe Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
My first reaction was, "OOOH SHHHIIIT! Here we go again! I'm going to crash, and I was on such a roll..."
Have you ever watched yourself in a mirror as you say OOOH SHHHIIIT! in desperation? Your face crumples and your eyes roll and end up looking ruefully at the ground.
That was me.
Then came a short "Oh shit, I'd better take a tablet."
Saying "Oh shit" quickly always comes with wide open eyes looking straight ahead.
Try it.
I took a Tambocor, then another quick "Oh shit, I'll just save my work."
Then, "Oh shit, I'll finish this paragraph." And "Oh shit, I must include an image here." "Oh shit, that needs proofing" and a couple of hours later, "Oh Shit, I've finished, and on time!"
This is a version of an NLP transformation technique I call Tonality Reframing.
I didn't change what I said, only how I said it. My physiology changed as I shifted from a negative state to a positive moment, and I got the job done on time and very nicely if I do say so.

Next time you're faced with an OOOH SHHHIIIT! state, look for quick Oh shit moments to get you through.
...Thanks, that was cool

Chronic to Iconic
Road Map

All aboard!

Click on the Gold Stars to see what's in store along our C2I journey
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from Chronic to Iconic
6 days over 6 weeks
60 - 90 minutes per session
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Session 1 - Build a Winning Mindset

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Motivation, Empowerment, Inspiration

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  • First things first: After the introductions, housekeeping and outlining the course objectives and expectations we will dive straight into transformation action.
  • Mindset is everything: We will build a mindset so potent we can overcome any adversity and achieve any goals we choose.
  • We will construct in our mind a mega bridge as mighty and spectacular as we can imagine. We can go wherever we want safely, comfortably and surely. We will be unstoppable.

Resilience, Focus, Confidence

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  • We will develop a Growth Mindset that sees challenges, failures, and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.
  • On our C2I journey we will have plenty of opportunity to test the resilience of our mindset and master the art of reinforcement.
  • We will learn how to check in on our mindset for maintenance and upgrades.

Sustainability, Imagination, Ambition

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  • We will master the art of thinking BIG. We will be proud of creating a mighty mindset, ten times or a hundred times bigger and stronger than one might think necessary.
  • Why stop at size and strength? Let our imaginations run wild and add glorious colour, decor and architecture to our mindset construction project.
  • Our commanding mindset will continuously evolve to meet our needs with an astounding margin. If we take on an especially challenging goal, then we can easily refocus and beef it up.

Respect, Clarity, Pride

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  • Our attitude and demeanour will show the world that we have a formidable mindset. No explanations, just winning actions.
  • We will learn to respect our positive mindset as the most powerful tool in our C2I kit. In turn our achievements will earn respect.
  • We will have fun with this process and delight in the results.
Close session

Session 2 - Self Discovery

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Enlightenment, Contentment, Courage

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  • We're going to rattle the can and see which of our deepest emotional states comes to the top. These are our core values based on early events and teachings and nurtured over our lifetime.
  • We will prioritise our core values in order of importance in our lives right now.
  • Examining our recent actions will show us which help, and which prevent us from experiencing our desired core value emotional states.

Insight, Humility, Determination

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  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Our smile, our eyes and our expressions tell a lot about our personality, now it's time to look deeper.
  • Our actions, attitudes and appearance project who we really are and only we know, when looking beyond our reflection, if we're making or faking it.
  • If not already prominent, we'll work on a defiant smile, a tenacious pout and spring in our step to show the world we are on the march to our own personal fulfilment.

Awareness, Self-determination, Control 

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  • Now that we are aware of our top core values and are comfortable in our own skin, we will examine our beliefs system.
  • We need to know if we have any beliefs that are holding us back. We will learn how to reinforce positive beliefs and rewire negative beliefs to enable us to achieve our goals and objectives.
  • We will develop strategies to create new empowering beliefs to control specific areas of our life that may not have previously been supported by our beliefs system.

Positivity, Cognitive Reframing, Self Regulation

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  • We will become masters of positive self-talk. Internal dialogue is part of everyday decision making and we'll develop strategies to quickly and effectively convert negative dialogue to positive reinforcement.
  • By recognising negative self-talk we can identify and reprogram rules that are not serving us.
  • We can now make congruent choices based on positive rules that align with our true values and beliefs.
Close session

Session 3 - Let's G.R.O.W.

Click on the treasure chests to collect gold nuggets at each stop
G.R.O.W. is an acronym for Goal - Reality - Options - Way Forward

Mindfulness, Independance, Commitment

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  • We will focus on our primary Goal which is to Thrive with Chronic Disease.
  • We will discuss how achieving this goal will improve our relationships, career, financial situation, and individualism.
  • Our Goal will be rounded off when we commit to a timeline for commencement, milestones and bringing home the grand prize.

Acceptance, Resolve, Daring

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  • This is a Biggy. We will identify our own Reality - what barriers are in our way.
  • We will analyse the 7 stages of chronic disease grief and be prepared to accept our reality (while refusing to be a slave to it).
  • We will expose sinister players like secondary gain. We will flush out excuses for inaction and put comfort zones on notice.

Adventure, Possibility, Excitement

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  • We are going to seek out opportunities and Options by going beyond looking at what we know to what we don't know (yet).
  • We will accept what we can't do, embrace (even embellish) what we can do and push boundaries to do what we want to do.
  • We'll agree that nothing can stop us now. Opportunity is all around us when we look for it.

Purpose, Momentum, Satisfaction

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  • We will map out our Way Forward by focusing on our strengths and support networks.
  • We'll build a bold action plan with all the steps, resources (internal and external) and timeframe needed to get the job done, in style.
  • We'll reward ourselves as we check into each stop along the journey.
Close session

Session 4 - Setting G.O.A.L.s

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First we qualify our G.O.A.L.
Generous - Opportunistic - Achievable - Liveable

Empathy, Sensibility, Distinction

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  • We will check that we have a Generous GOAL that is worthwhile, fair and legitimate.
  • Is our GOAL challenging enough? If it's too easy we may lose interest...
  • Will it provide gratifying results for us and our followers?
  • Our GOAL must be ecological. Does it align with our identity, values, beliefs, and attitudes? Will it be beneficial for our family, our community, and the environment?
  • Is it legal? We're good people and we don't want to get into or cause trouble.

Balance, Practicality, Pragmatism

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  • We'll ensure that our GOAL is Opportunistic -practical, relevant and feasible.
  • Is our perceived market profitable- we're not trying to sell ice to Eskimos?
  • Is our time frame realistic - have we allowed enough time or so much time that we may not be able to sustain interest?

Precision, Perception, Vigilance

Button to open treasure chests
  • We'll test our GOAL to make sure it is Achievable.  
  • Do we have all the resources we will need to perform all tasks necessary to achieve our GOAL?
  • Do we have the support network we need to pass all the milestones?
  • Is our GOAL timely - are all our timeframes for all milestones manageable?

Compassion, Supportiveness, Rapport

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  • We will carefully consider the Liveability of our GOAL.
  • We will reflect on the physical demands our GOAL will place on us in our quest.
  • We will calculate the financial costs incurred by our GOAL seeking efforts.
  • The emotional strain on us, our family and support crew will be weighed up before we proceed with our GOAL.
Now we implement our G.O.A.L.
Gain - Organize - Action - Love it, Live it, Land it

Sensory Acuity, Exhilaration, Stimulation

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  • We will build a descriptive list of all the positive emotions we will Gain when we achieve our GOAL.
  • We will tap into all our senses to create an irresistible allure of the end result, the reward. The stronger the attraction the more likely the goal is to succeed.
  • We will be able to see, hear, feel, smell and taste the exquisite dish about to be served.  

Structure, Method, System

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  • We will learn how to Organize all the resources we need to get the job done.
  • We will acquire all the tools and equipment we need to achieve the physical and structural requirements needs of our GOAL.
  • We will also manage all the human resources needed for training, support, and task sharing.

Preparedness, Diligence, Flexibility

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  • We will develop a realistic Action Plan, the timeline along which the goal achieving process will travel.
  • Our action plan will have a sound practical structure that accounts for all tasks, resources, and benchmarks throughout the course of the GOAL.
  • Our action plan will also be flexible enough to allow for contingencies.
    The best plan is one that you follow.

Expectation, Gratification, Fulfilment

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  • We will regularly recall and Love the powerful emotional states we will experience as our GOAL comes to fruition.
  • We know we can Live comfortably with all choices we make along our GOAL journey.
  • To use an old metaphor, we've researched the best spot, used the right tackle, cast the right bait and are prepared to Land the "big one".
Close session

Session 5 - Taking back control

Click on the treasure chests to collect gold nuggets at each stop

Affirmation, Enthusiasm, Accountability

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  • We will write our own prognosis: We're here right now because we're not comfortable with an outsider's opinion of our future prospects. We may have asked for a second or even a third opinion, but the only one that counts is our own inner belief.
  • We'll check in on our Mindset to make sure it's instantly accessible and at least as potent as we need. Why not bump it up a bit (or heaps), just for fun.
  • We will commit to our priority one GOAL. This is our dream, and we will double, and triple check our plan, motivation and accountability to ensure success is inevitable.

Insight, Cognizance, Tolerance

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  • We will hit the books and learn what to expect from our chronic condition since it's chosen to travel with us.
  • We'll make it very clear who's the passenger and who's the driver of this bus!
  • Understanding and tolerance will help make our journey a lot smoother and rewarding.

Devotion, Connection, Power of Choice

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  • We will learn that regaining control of our lives is not a solo effort. We'll master the skills of recognising constructive, positive support against insincerity.
  • We will acquire the strength to choose our own genuine support crew, based on empathy over sympathy, admiration over pity and volition over obligation.
  • We will discuss the merits of joining selected independent support groups.

Self- realization, Validation, Inclusion

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  • We will learn to appreciate that, as individuals we will achieve our goals at our own pace.
  • We'll learn to accept that there are times when we can fly and times when we have to slow down or even stop.
  • Our goal is to thrive with chronic disease, and we will be resolute in achieving a fulfilling life when, where and how we choose.
Close session

Session 6 - Being an Icon

Click on the treasure chests to collect gold nuggets at each stop

Recognition, Authenticity, Self-Esteem

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  • We will develop a masterful insight into our strengths and weaknesses, core values, and belief system.
  • We will integrate our values and beliefs into our personality so we can confidently project our true identity.
  • We will be admired for our resilience, gratitude and humility.

Heightened awareness, Inner Peace, Self Actualization

Button to open treasure chests
  • We will project confidence knowing we can conquer any challenge by simply being ourselves.
  • We will expand our comfort zones so that we can live a fulfilled life and thrive, with chronic disease. or any other challenges that come our way.
  • We will develop and grow beyond expectations and inspire others with chronic health challenges.

Accomplishment, Wholeness, Gratitude

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  • We will proudly share our accomplishments so others can believe that they too can thrive in a daunting environment.
  • We will cherish the empowerment we receive from family, friends, colleagues and cohorts.
  • We will relish the independence we gain as we learn the true value of self-belief.

Embodiment, Self-Respect, Fearlessness

Button to open treasure chests
  • Our new persona as icons or ambassadors for thriving with chronic disease will be our esteemed badge of honour.
  • We will replace "fear" with "acknowledgement of challenge" and use self-belief to achieve our goals.
  • "With great power comes great responsibility."
    We owe it to those who have supported us and to those who need our support to not just achieve greatness but to share our secrets...
Close session

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