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Salespeople are the company's income earners.
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My Story

I have been actively involved in sales as a rep, manager, and business owner for 45 years (nearly all my working life). I am a qualified Trainer and Assessor and Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential and thrive in their chosen careers. 
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My Approach

I deliver dynamic, inclusive coaching using Zoom, Teams, and other online meeting platforms. Group sessions, one-on-one, and blended delivery work brilliantly online, bringing together participants from anywhere in the world to share ideas and strategies.
This is ideal for large corporate companies with national and international sales staff networks. 

Unlock Your Sales Force Potential

Consistently exceeding targets

Are your sales representatives surpassing their quotas and consistently achieving impressive results?  

Customer-Centric Approach 

Does your sales team prioritize customer needs, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty?  

Adaptability and Innovation 

Can your sales force adapt to changing market dynamics and employ innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition?  

Strong Interpersonal Skills 

Do your salespeople possess exceptional communication and relationship-building abilities that foster lasting client connections?  

Market Insights and Knowledge 

Is your sales team well-informed about industry trends, competitors, and customer preferences to make informed selling decisions?  

Collaborative Teamwork 

Does your sales force collaborate effectively with other departments, fostering a holistic approach to customer engagement and problem-solving?  

Quick Problem Solvers 

Are your sales representatives capable of swiftly addressing customer concerns and resolving issues to maintain a positive reputation?  

Leadership and Motivation 

Do your sales managers inspire and lead their teams with motivation, guidance, and the necessary resources to achieve outstanding results?  

Consistent Professional Development 

Does your organization invest in continuous training and skill development to keep your sales force up-to-date and competitive?  

Data-Driven Decision-Making 

Is your sales team utilizing data analytics to identify opportunities, make informed decisions, and optimize their sales strategies? 

These critical salesforce qualities aren't found in a Position Description or Job Application.

The Big 3 for Sales Reps

"MUST HAVES" for a successful Sales Representative

Stay Up

1. Ride the wave when things are going well. Thrive.
2. Recognize downward trends and identify opportunities for self-improvement, process development and longer-term planning.
3. Have a counter-punch mindset to fight back when things are not going to plan.

Timeline Management

1. Focus: Creating project schedules, define milestones, and ensure that tasks are completed on time.
2. Accountability: Ensure that all tasks are completed by the designated personnel on time and on spec.
3. Collaboration: Delegation of tasks fosters ownership of the project by all those involved.

Goal Getting

1. Love it: Know what success will look, sound, feel, taste and smell like.
2. Live it: Have a clear plan and action it. Monitor progress and adjust elements to stay on track.
3. Land it: Be proud of milestones and celebrate success.

The Big 3 for Sales Managers

Additional "MUST HAVES" for a successful Sales Manager.

Let Go

1. Primary role shifts from individual sales and client interactions to leadership and team management.
2. Delegate responsibilities and trust the sales team to handle tasks independently and promote a sense of ownership and development among team members.
3. Focus on the bigger picture, analyse market trends, set long-term strategies, and make decisions that benefit the entire sales department and organization.

Be a Coach

1. Empower employees to take ownership of their work and make mutually beneficial decisions.
2. Encourage self-discovery and problem-solving, encouraging a sense of autonomy and responsibility.
3. identify areas for growth and collaboratively develop strategies for improvement.

Recruit Intelligently

1. Innovators: Look for self-belief, lateral thinking and resilience in potential staff members. No "Yes people".
2. Problem solvers: Delegate with confidence that barriers and objections will be overcome without need for intervention.
3. Leaders: Sales staff with leadership
values can progress seamlessly to management roles, make great mentors and earn respect from colleagues and clients.

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